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Metal Fabrication

IFM offers metal fabrication services on a range of scales, from small mechanical parts such as process door detents used in paint shops at auto plants to an 80 foot replica of the Mackinac Bridge at the Detroit Science Center. We have always dedicated ourselves to taking on projects large and small while focusing on diversity in our customer base. This has turned us into a manufacturing team accustomed to handling challenging products on challenging timelines without room for failure. It would take far too long to list all the types of products I.F. Metalworks has built over the years, but any list would have to include:

Weldments up to 5 Tons
Alternative Energy Products
Light to Heavy Duty Retail Displays
Flexible Stainless Steel Exhaust Headers
Railings, Gates & Spires
Custom Pneumatic Tools
Racks, Bins & Containers
Conveyors and Conveyor Components
Catwalks & Staircases
Paint/Plating Racks & Hangers
Ladders & Mezzanines
All Types of Ornamental Ironwork
Complex Pressurized Heat Exchangers
Custom Storage & Racking Systems
Paint Shop Production Aids
Mechanical Assemblies

What does all this mean to our customers? If you've got a project coming up that involves metal fabrication, our team is ready to serve you!